Welcome to the Asian Carp Challenge page. It is combined effort from Aqua-Vu, Crappie Junction, Shadows on the Wolf, Hero Fishing and Wolf River Cam (links below) to possibly identify these invasive fish that ‘may’ exist in the Lake Winnebago System. Are there Asia Carp here now? We don’t know, but the likelihood is very low. However, if they are, they will be devastating to the river system. So we’ve put together a means of calling upon the keen eyes of our viewers, to be on the lookout!

The effort is simple; be the FIRST to send us a screen capture of an invasive Asian Carp (listed below) from one of the Wolf River Cams and upon confirmation, we will pay you $1,250 as a bounty! The dollar amount is subject to increase as well!! We will need date, time and camera location to accompany the submittal. We are aware there are other Invasive Asian Carp, but the Silver and the Big Head are the ones we are focusing on, because they can have the highest impact.

If you submit a picture that isn’t an Asian Carp, that’s ok. We will tell you to try again. Due to the impacts of a possible sighting, if we detect a picture has been falsely depicted, that is considered fraud. We don’t expect that to take place.

So, the next time you’re looking at our fish cameras, you could be a WINNER at any moment!! A winner of the Asian Carp Challenge and a winner of our great natural resource. Good Luck.

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Asian Carp Identification


  1. When you see a fish that might be the ones we are looking for, PRESS PAUSE. With the screen Paused, press CTRL + PRT SC.
  2. Open your Paint program (in Windows). It might be located in your Windows Accessory folder. You’ll have to press START button to see your list of programs.
  3. Click the PASTE button
  4. If you want to crop the photo, it would be easier to send in an email, but you can just click on the FILE button
  5. Select SAVE, then PNG Picture and select a location on your computer where you can find it.
  6. Finally, start and email to wolfrivercam@gmail.com, type Asian Carp in the subject line (not required, but helps us identify the email easier).
  7. Add an attachment to your email (some have a little paper clip to click on), it will ask your for the file location and attach it.
  8. Press SEND.