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LIVE Fishing! 6-6-23
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2 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Hey hey hey

Did u catch any tonight ?

I hear u

Good luck. Looks like a beautiful night for fishing, not that any night is a bad one.

Have you ever thought about getting a camera for Fremont?

Where can we purchase the rods?

What are on these for bait right now? Paul Gocker from the Winnebago East shore makes it. Top anglers are starting to use it.

Try some Old Salt products

I know someone who is jealous he’s not out fishing right now.

He said he would sacrifice sleep for fishing with his buddy. Lol

Have you ever tried catfish Charlie bait

Go get ‘em!

Nice. Caitfish it is!

Perfect night for this kid of stuff.

I can here you fine all night

Let's go cheese

Get me a nice one!

Have a good night

You could put one over by fleeces

How many different kind of catfish in the Wolf?

Good way to end the night.

Very nice. I got to see it

Purple tube is my favorite

Is blood bait effective year round or just earlier in the year?

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Hooked us a nice channel cat on a cheese bait. See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

LIVE Fishing! We’re back in our old location.
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4 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Virtual fishing I love itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Where do u guys get those glow rods ?

How many cats so far

Number 3

Middle rod

Got em

What size weights r u using?

I knew it



Where are y'all from



Nashville Tennessee have y'all ever fished up here before Percy priest they got some Big boys in there


Hi gary

Number 2

Get em

Nice cat

More to come

Good evening



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LIVE Fishing!
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5 days ago

Comment on Facebook

What town are you in tonight

What you fishing for?

Good luck tonight.

Good luck tight lines

Good thing there’s no mosquitoes

Slow in oshkosh

Hows the bite tonight?

Slow right now. Should pick up ……

Any minute now

Good luck πŸ€

Berry slow in fremont

Hello Gary

Hi Gary

1 cat

Cheese bait

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Going LIVE at 830 cst (hopefully). New location, more rods (hopefully), more fish (ditto). See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Is there any other site to catch the LIVE show?

LIVE Fishing! Welcome to the weekend
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6 days ago

Comment on Facebook

I was dirt fishing the last few days so I don't know what you caught. Good luck.

Having any luck

Gotcha. Ever try crappie floats on your line? 4 foot lead from swivel 12" sinker line. I have a raft in New London by the big eddy.

They look sturdy enough. Im the same way but a new rod and step on it. I gotta find these!

Are them the mad katz rods?

Hello from Twin Falls Idaho. Dirt fishing is metal detecting.

Crawlers or cut bait?

Very cool. The mad katz are 150 a rod! Unreal.

Just gotta try new things see what works. Happy fishing

I got a nice flat head the other night by the police station docks in town. Was using crawlers.

Is your dad's name Gary also

How deep is the water?

If you start another task a fish will surely bite. Do anything but watch a pole🀣

tonight’s gonna be good

Murphy concrete corporation

Okay good night.

The mosquitos up here are awful, saw someone mowing the grass at your up north place yesterday.

Rod tip drops set it. Fish on.

I'd check that rod you had the bite on.

Do you have different weights? Maybe finicky go an ounce less

I was on Town of Buchanan Fire and Rescue for 11 years so I know exactly what your talking about.

Any luck tonight?

at least 3 cats


Hi gary

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Freedom WI Fire Dept MABAS water movement drill with multiple depts from Outagamie, Winnebago, Calumet and Brown Counties.

Skip ahead to the 6:00 mark. The resolution clears up.
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7 days ago

Comment on Facebook

What are they doing

Wow, doesn't even look like much water is there either. Amazing all the work thats needed to work a fire. Good job all.

I hope they put out the fire.

Shortly we will be broadcasting the Freedom Fire Dept mass water movement with departments from Outagamie, Winnebago, Brown and Calumet. Stay tuned. See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

Comment on Facebook

What’s going on ?

Can you tell us what that means

LIVE Fishing!
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1 week ago

Comment on Facebook

We can’t hear you that good you were a lot better to here last night

Is that river rail in the background πŸ˜ƒ

Have you ever tried chunks of white bass as bait?

Do you need mosquito squad for a sponsor?

Do you run mono or braid and pound test do you run if you don’t mind sharing?

Good evening Gary you sound great

Audio good!

Don’t let ‘em get away tonight, OK?❀️

Thank you Gary have a good night

We left Fremont last Sunday. We were there for a week. Our yearly migration for the white bass. The girl caught 3 walleye. She was very excited.

Light a torch on the end of the raft

Any word back from the email you sent those guys

At least caddis flies don't bite.

Good luck!!!

I lived in Waupaca Co for a few years. Loved trout fishing.

How deep is the fishing hole?

Wow. 10 ft! Even on the inside of the corner?


Water beetles. Are they fish food or anything?

You can pick up the blood bait at the fishing shop?

Are trout ever encountered in the Wolf River?

Bugs look bad!

We can hear you good!

Good night, son!

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